The GeoManifold is a custom-fabricated HDPE commercial manifold, offered exclusively by GHP Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of geothermal products and services, designed specifically for the commercial geothermal industry. The GeoManifold is factory-built to your exact specifications using best-in-industry methods, workmanship and components. Fabricated by experienced heat fusion certified personnel, the GeoManifold is designed for optimal performance, exceptional durability and to ensure a lifetime of fail-safe service for your geothermal wellfield system.


  • Leak-Proof (Sealed) System
  • Non-Corrosive and Light-Weight HDPE Pipe
  • Heat-Fused and Pressure-Checked Connections
  • Quality Workmanship by Certified Personnel
  • Built-In Features for Ease of Installation and Servicing

We can build the GeoManifold specific to your design or our experienced engineers can make recommendations based on the mechanical room layout. You can count on our experience and expertise to ensure efficient installation and optimal performance.

All GeoManifolds are carefully inspected and pressure tested before being palletized for shipment. Because it’s fabricated from light-weight HDPE piping, the GeoManifold is easily moved to the mechanical room and mounted for hook-up.

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